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Meet Gerry Duffy, your guide to unlocking unparalleled potential and achieving remarkable success. With a wealth of experience as a performance coach and renowned keynote speaker, Gerry empowers individuals and organizations to reach new heights.


Gerry Duffy

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A renowned speaker and high-performance coach in the Corporate Sector, Gerry has a deep-seated passion for helping senior leaders cultivate excellence within their teams. His unique blend of insights from the world of endurance sports and corporate leadership has made him a sought-after advisor in the realms of motivation, resilience, and team performance.

Having worked with companies such as Aldi, Aer Lingus, British Gas, Medtronic, and Verizon Connect, Gerry empowers individuals and teams to push their boundaries, foster a culture of excellence, and achieve their loftiest goals - all while drawing learnings from his own sporting ambitions and achievements. In the past, Gerry has completed 32 marathons in 32 days as well as 10 Iron distance triathlons in 10 consecutive days. He has also written three books. 

His proudest achievement, however, was overcoming a pathological fear of public speaking!

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